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Worship Online

Let us worship God today!

For Sunday / June 13th

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We are now meeting at the church for Small Groups and Sunday Worship! We will update this page on Sunday afternoon with the video from our morning Worship Service for those who are more comfortable staying at home or unable to attend.

We would like to encourage you to have your own “small group” in your house this morning.

Join us for Small Groups at the church! However, If you are unable to attend we will continue to offer options that are taught by faculty of Oklahoma Baptist University.

SMALL GROUP / SUNDAY SCHOOL – Explore the Bible – Cornerstone”

I also want to challenge you with a “message” for all ages, “songs” of truth, and “preaching” from God’s word while you are at home this morning.

We will post our Sunday Morning Worship Service featuring Children’s Story Time, Songs from our Worship Team, and our Pastor’s Sermon early Sunday afternoons.